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Neuromarketing Research

Ad Testing

Actionable Insights

Does your ad push the buy buttons
in your customer’s brain?

Which elements are most seductive into buying the brand? And what are the ad’s weak spots?

Our Advertising Research provides clear-cut answers to these persistent questions.

Advertising Research Toolbox

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We predict ad success

When a brand launches a big budget advertising campaign, it wants to make sure the money doesn’t burn into obscurity. They want results.

Our Advertising Research analyzes television and print ads on evidence based predictors of success. By combining the non-intrusive methods EEG (brain wave activity), Eye Tracking, Facial Emotional encoding and GSR in a natural environment, we are able to capture what the customer truly thinks and feels when seeing your ad.

Our state of the art neuromarketing technologies keep track of people’s emotional responses from second to second. As purchase choice is correlated with patterns of brain activity, this clears the fog of your ad’s real world success.

We uncover the number one question any success-oriented brand wants to know: will this ad sell?

We make ads more effective

More than giving you an estimate of an ad’s overall success, we are able to pinpoint exactly what works and what doesn’t. You’ll come to discover both your ad’s backbone and its Achilles heel.

Our results illuminate the specific strengths and weaknesses from scene to scene. It reports the effects from individual elements such as music, characters, voice-overs, text and your brand itself.

From concept to cutting room

Our Commercial Research is applicable while testing concepts as well as finished commercials.

This allows you to reliably test your concept’s merit, right from the storyboard. After filming, it helps to add some an extra persuasive punch to your final cut.
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